Raphael Schoonman

Aspiring game-artist and 3D animator

Hi there!

I'm Raphael, I live in Amersfoort, a wonderful town in Utrecht, and I love video-games. Like many others I grew up playing on consoles like the N64, Game Cube, and Playstation, spending as much time as I could playing games like Mario 64, Metroid Prime, and Midnight Club.
At about the age of ten, I found games such as ROBLOX and Little Big Planet, which gave their players a huge toolbox to create games in, I was blown away and immediately after sucked back in, along with all my free time, creating levels for other players, trying to make interesting games to play. This passion stuck with me and led to many projects, new experiences and wonderful people.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV cover page is available, click here to download it. (.pdf 0.5mb)

Current projects

Currently I am a senior student at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht and a full-time intern! This is where I get most of my projects from and they are featured on this project blog! Of course not all of my projects are school or internship assignments, as I take commissions as a freelance illustrator and 3D artist on Twitter along side college.


Pre-college projects

When I was in highschool I started a Steam Greenlight project called Tremulus, this was a 2D time-based survival game made in an older Unity version. It was my first true solo project and had me working on all the art, programming, sound, and story. I put a ton of love and work into it but like so many projects they turn out to be out of scope or you run out of time and you just can't continue work on it.
While I didn't get to work as much on it as I wanted to, I am proud of what I made with the game with pure self-taught skills. The Greenlight project received positive comments of people hoping for it to continue development.