Hello! I'm Raphael, a 21 year old artist and this is my project blog! I'm a junior student at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and a generalist with passions all across the game-art pipeline.
Character small.png


Action-posing a character


When I started working on this image Nintendo had just announced that their IP: Metroid Prime 4 started development. As a big fan of the series I decided to take inspiration from Samus her outfits, the Varia and Zero suit, and fused them together. I began drawing at the hand, giving it a grasping pose portraying tension in the character. I wanted to have her float mid-air to put more action into the composition and used gesture lines to achieve this with a natural looking pose. I gave the sketch basic shading to help myself out when I got to coloring and shading.

Shading detail

I wanted to add detail to the image so I took two parts of Samus her Power suit, the cannon and the helmet, changing the design a bit and using Samus her large shoulder design on the ears instead, fitting with the lightweight body I had drawn.

For the visual effects I used soft brushes, gradients, and blending modes.
The image was made in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.