Hello! I'm Raphael, a 21 year old artist and this is my project blog! I'm a junior student at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and a generalist with passions all across the game-art pipeline.

RoZoSho 2018

RoZoSho is a multi-month long group project to create a playable stylized level together. The group existed out of four artists each working on their own cell inside the level.

This project has a design document, click here to download it. (.pdf 0.64mb)

Level 03 - UHDF Station

Our group's level was the UHDF Station, a rich, modern spaceport mixed in with a large mall. You begin in the Arrivals area however due to the ongoing attack the entire Station is on lock-down. Luckily your hacking skill is not to be downplayed and find yourself accessing the camera and security-door network of most of the station after finding a forgotten custodian's keycard. Moving forward you find yourself outnumbered in the Plaza and have no choice but to shoot your way through. Pushing towards the Boulevard you see the transport bay, cleaning the dust of your shoulders you walk down the hallway and call the shuttle. As your hand releases the button a loud siren howls, followed by gathering steps coming from down the Boulevard.

Concept Sketches

I kicked off the RoZoSho project by sketching designs for our main plaza and boulevard. I was inspired by various anime that fill rich dystopian metropolises with as many advertisements as they can, and had a lot of fun working that into the sleek and white halls of the UHDF Station.
Unfortunately only the unfinished Boulevard sketch got used in the project as my reference for the Boulevard cell.



Project RoZoSho had 13 groups in total, and in order to get to a final product plus keeping your own group updated, we used Github branches. We have gone through a lot of trial and error and the program had its ups and downs caused simply by us being rookies at the software, but using it for the project has made me way more confident with the program, and thanks to the developers of my level who took the time to teach me while running from room to room bug-fixing other Github issues, I can see myself using the program in the future.

Substance Painter

This project introduced me to Substance Painter, a program I was very intimidated by, but through the help of the awesome people in my group learning it was a breeze!
I used the program for almost all the models in the cell, adding extra detail to some while saving on resources. I also used it to make some art like the wall-art for the café.

Substance Painter has left its mark on me and I've been eager to involve it with my other projects.

Sound Effects

We were tasked to create sound effects for various assets in our level. I cherry-picked two of them and uploaded them here. The samples are from, but I have edited them to fit the atmosphere.