Hello! I'm Raphael, a 21 year old artist and this is my project blog! I'm a junior student at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and a generalist with passions all across the game-art pipeline.

Visual Development

Designing a Level

I was tasked to create a scrolling 2D level for a game, this is what I came up with, inspired by the game Night in the Woods. I first started with a moodboard, which is where I decided I wanted to experiment with the Night in the Woods style, then made a quick draft of the level. My assignment also asked for a story:

You woke up in unfamiliar woods far from where you went to sleep.
How did you end up here, and by who? The forest is dark and misty, the cold wind stinging your bare arms.
Getting up is rough, still dazed by the confusion of how you got here, your body feels slightly bruised.
It feels like you've been walking for hours, but its still dark out, you have no clue what time it is.
Every now and then you find pieces of waste left by people, like bottles and destroyed tents, remnants of campfires and canned food.
You were able to scavenge a tent, a backpack, and a broken-into flint & steel.

level sketch.png
asset sheet.png
ref and mood.png